Building. Knowledge.

Our round strawbalehouse in Northern Sweden

Erik and Laura video outside their house

“We are sharing our knowledge after we have built a sustainble house ourselves. We have been through a long learning journey and want others to benefit from that.”

Erik and Laura Vidje

Kassjö, near Umeå, Sweden


Study Visits
Our House

Find out more about the background to our house made from straw and clay. We hope to inspire you to build with environmentally friendly materials and methods.

Online education
Visit us

Are you interested in experiencing Rundbalshuset for real? We have had a lot of study visits here in Kassjö and expect to accept bookings again later in august 2021!

Building courses
Learn with us

Our mission is to pass on what we have learnt from the years of planning and building that have gone into creating Rundbalshuset. Join us for a course on building with clay in June!

Learn to build with clay

11-13 June 2021

Rundbalshuset, Kassjö, Umeå, Sweden

During this course we’ll be adding the final layer of fine clay which will form the floor of the house. Come and join us, help out and learn how to build with clay whilst we work.

Previous courses and study visits