Our round house made of strawbales & clay
in Kassjö, Västerbotten, Sweden

Halmbalshus Norrsken

“We have built our dream house with i.a. straw & clay to create a healthy home with minimal environmental impact.”

Erik & Laura Vidje



Our self-built roundhouse of straw and clay is a well-documented project. With numerous construction courses, study visits and information online, we hope to inspire others to build with environmentally friendly materials and methods, but also to dare to make more demands on suppliers! You can read more about the design, suppliers and all highlights about the house at the link below:

Visit Us

We have had many study visits at the site since we started building in 2017. Now that it is our home there will be limited opportunities to book a visit.

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In 2024 you hav the opportunity to join our guided tour & claycourse 3-4th of august, read more here.

Learn With Us
Learn With Us

We are sharing the knowledge we have gained from building our own sustainble house and want others to benefit from our experience. We want to pass on what we have learned through workshops, lectures and videos. Read more on the link below about the claycourse in 2024.
Or get in touch if you want to book a lecture with Laura .

Previous courses and study visits